Summary of BRICS+ Fashion Summit – Day 4
On Day 4 (December 1), in the Parking Gallery of Zaryadye Park, the fashion intensive course lectures, the B2B showroom, the last session of the business program, and two catwalk shows by AL•DRI•E (Indonesia) and Hany El Behairy Haute Couture (Egypt) took place. The third show was arranged by one of the most remarkable couturiers from South Africa – David Tlale. It was held in the Pashkov House. The last session of the business program, and the catwalk shows can be streamed on the official website
Business program
Elegant vibe. New fashion for new influencers in the age of technology.
This session was moderated by Kseniya Katysheva, a co-curator of the British Higher School of Design. The participants discussed the pressing issue from the fashion world – development of new fabrics, Augmented reality, and growth of the textile and leather industry. This is a new fashion that utilizes all kinds of technology, that is gathering momentum in the era of technology and social media.

One of the main topics considered was the role of technology in setting up an elegant vibe. The participants talked about how social media and the Internet in general are changing our approach to fashion and how it is helping with promotion of new trends. The speakers mentioned that they often compare the fashion industry to the sports industry.

An important point outlined was the role of influencers in setting up of elegant vibes. Today, bloggers and influencers have become an integral part of the fashion world and they do have a great influence on the public opinion. Kseniya Popova: ‘With the social media, we can convey our ideas.’ The speakers discussed how different platforms can be used to promote new trends and why it is important to have an individual style.

Polina Khovracheva – owner of Robotics Laboratory, engineer and teacher there: ‘Soon, there will be collections with all the new clothes and new materials. There will be more and more of them, and there quality is going to improve continuously. I’m positive that next year or maybe two years later we are going to see lots of luminant clothes in the marketplaces.’

Wafaa Daoui – PR and International Relations Manager of Oriental Fashion Show: ‘We are always trying to explain to our designers all the features and significance behind preserving their country’s traditions in the clothes they make. It is essential to speak about the country’s culture in order to be different from the designers of the West. We are looking into a new era, when we are going to stop the monopoly by Western organizations.’

Natalia Popova – First Deputy General Director at Innopraktika: ‘In terms of innovation and creativity, the Russian mind can come up with something that no foreigner will be able to repeat – and even to comprehend.’

Anna Dunaeva, Head of Razgon Moda, shared: ‘Attention is the currency of today.’
Ksenia Popova, Founder of Sans Merci: ‘Russian fashion has a major window of opportunities in front of it today.’

Another point considered during the session was that an elegant vibe doesn’t just follow fashion – it creates it. It is a free, advanced, and experimental approach to style and looks, which enables any person express themselves.

At the end of the session, the speakers discussed the brands that have already joined the elegant vibe trend and their ways of changing their image under the influence of the new fashion. Some new collections that represented this trend were showcased, too. The panelists arrived at the conclusion that this trend was going to remain relevant for a long time to come – thanks to its uniqueness as regards to creativity and insights.

Runway shows
AL•DRI•E (Indonesia)
Aldrie Indrayana is an advocate of responsible consumption and eco-friendly fashion. In her works, the designer from Indonesia turns to upcycling: she modifies second-hand things, which the customers can turn in themselves, and gives them a new life. All collections, including the one showcased at the BRICS+ Fashion Summit, feature the spirit of grunge and trendy gloom. There are lots of dark hues, grim humor, and Gothic references. Multi-layered and a bit careless looks at the catwalk were complemented by fancy hairstyles, daring makeups, and unique accessories. Many of the models walked down the catwalk barefoot.

Hany El Behairy Haute Couture (Egypt)
The Egyptian brand Hany El Behairy Haute Couture is known as the creator of the most expensive wedding dress in the Egyptian history. Now, the brand brought a really incredible collection to Moscow. Models walked down the catwalk in the dresses embroidered with crystals and feathers. These dresses could have been perused for hours as they had so many details. Walking proudly and majestically down the catwalk, the divas demonstrated outfits that the Hollywood celebrities would be eager to try on. With a luxurious dress that opened the show, Hany El Behairy paid tribute to his native culture and history. The dress all covered in crystals repeated the portrait of the Egyptian queen Nefertiti, and the headdress, bracelets and jewelry made one think about the traditional accessories from Ancient Egypt.

David Tlale (South Africa)
The show by this South Africa based designer started in a quite unusual way. All the models came out to the catwalk at once, after which the audience was able to enjoy each of the looks one by one. David Tlale brought to Moscow his new vibrant collection, which includes both casual and evening garments. The new pieces were all covered in flamboyant prints, and the looks themselves were remarkable thanks to multi-layers, complex cuts, and extraordinary proportions. David Tlale is equally brilliant when it comes to womens and menswear. These two directions resonate with each other, which is fully consistent with the global fashion agenda. The designer skillfully combines translucent lace with sequins, dresses men in tight corsets and puffy blouses with bows, and presents women in multi-layered floor-length dresses with vivid prints. The designer is a master when it comes to colors, but this time most of the looks showcased were monochrome black.
BRICS+ Fashion Summit takes place in Zaryadye. The fashion intensive course, B2B showroom, and catwalk shows by international designers are held in the Parking Gallery art space of Zaryadye Park, which was opened in September 2023 and has the total area of almost 3000 sq. m. Parking Gallery is equipped with technical means to accommodate exhibitions, concerts and forums, too. It is easy for guests of the BRICS+ Fashion Summit to attend an event. Part of the underground area is still left for vehicles. Moreover, the Parking Gallery can be accessed from anywhere in the park.
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