Summary of BRICS+ Fashion Summit – Day 5
On the last day of BRICS+ Fashion Summit, all the key events took place in the Parking Gallery of Zaryadye Park. Designers and buyers once again met for matchmaking in the B2B showroom, whereas the participants of the fashion intensive course attended its final lectures. Day 5 hosted the fashion shows by Batakovic Belgrade – a Serbian brand of modern classics, and Lucas Leão – a designer from Brazil. All the streams from the shows have been recorded and can be watched at the official community of the event in VKontakte.
Fashion intensive course

On the last day of the course, speakers from Russia, India, Columbia, Nigeria, and Sri Lanka delivered their parts. The participants were offered 3 lectures, 3 workshops, and 3 seminars, arranged by Anna Dubrovina – Brand Director of Fashion Factory School. Ex Communications Director of Louis Vuitton in Eastern Europe, PR Director of TSUM, Brand and Marketing Director of PANGAIA in Russia, Sanjay Gupta – Professor Vice Chancellor, World University of Design (India), Ángela Dotor Robayo and Santiago Romero Rodríguez – Docents at Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano (Colombia), Oluwatosin Adelaja Fashion Brand Development Consultant and Research Fellow CIAFE (Nigeria), Ajai Vir Singh – Founder & Managing Director of Colombo Fashion Week (Sri Lanka) and many other experts. The teachers talked about collaborations, brand philosophy, zero waste production, and inclusivity. As soon as the last lecture of the fashion course ended, the participants were awarded certificates to verify that they had taken the 27 teaching hours’ courses. Besides, every participant got a souvenir from BRICS+ Fashion Summit and partners of the event.

Concurrent program
Another event arranged during the Summit were special upcycling workshops. The participants were told more about sustainable fashion in the GES-2 Culture Center. Margarita Reznikova – founder of RISHI brand, and Viktoria Generalova – founder of General VI brand told the participants how old things can be upcycled.

Runway shows

Batakovic Belgrade (Serbia)
The Serbian brand brought to Moscow a perfect collection for modern women. There were relaxed fit pants suits, base shirts, menlike overcoats, but also bodycon dresses and dramatic all-black total looks. The heroine of Batakovic Belgrade is self-confident and desirable. Even relaxed fits offered by the Serbian designer look striking and feminine. Puffy jackets were accompanied by wide waist belts and shoulder-length gloves, and overcoats were showcased with high-heels. The basic color pallete and premium-grade fabrics make sure that every piece from every collection of the brand can claim the status of an impeccable timeless base.

Lucas Leão (Brazil)
The closing show of BRICS+ Fashion Summit was offered by Lucas Leão from Brazil. The designer is known for his skillful use of architectural shapes, which he demonstrated at the Moscow’s runway, too. His models came up the catwalk in up-to-date and minimalist garments with the dominant white and pastel hues. Lucas Leão appareled both men and women in monochrome looks, in which ingenuous and laconic silhouettes reechoed all kinds of sculptural shapes. This Brazil-based designer is a master of draperies – simple at first sight, his garments come to life as soon as the models start moving. His incredible tops that look more than artwork than clothes and the fabulous final dress, which in every respect went beyond the traditional fashion, were absolutely dazzling.

BRICS+ Fashion Summit takes place in Zaryadye. The fashion intensive course, B2B showroom, and catwalk shows by overseas designers are held in the Parking Gallery art space of Zaryadye Park, which was opened in September 2023 and has a total area of almost 3000 sq. m. Parking Gallery is equipped with technical means to accommodate exhibitions, concerts and forums, too. It is easy for guests of the BRICS+ Fashion Summit to attend an event. Part of the underground area is still intended for vehicles. Moreover, the Parking Gallery can be accessed from anywhere in the park.

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