World Fashion Shorts, a special movie event at BRICS + Fashion Summit
World Fashion Shorts will take place on 30 November in the multimedia room of Artplay Centre (Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya Street 10, Building 2).

From 3.00 PM to 6.00 PM (MSK),  entrance will be free-of-charge for all.

At 6.15 PM (MSK), a public talk will take place – Fashion as a means of learning and a tool to discover individuality and diversity, which will be participated by experts from different countries, including Bench Bello (Balthasar Magallon) – multimedia artist, founder of Manilla International Fashion Week and Manila International Film Festival (Filippines), Natalya Kanevskaya – costume designer (Cheburashka, Fancy Girls, The Monastery, Trigger films) (Russia), and Xenia Mosaleva – Director of Belarus International Fashion Film Fetival and Fashion Film Festival Russia (Belarus). To attend the event registration at Timepad is required.

At 7.30 PM (MSK), the guests and participants of the Summit will be offered a review and a presentation about the project. To access the event, preliminary accreditation is required.
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World Fashion Shorts is a 1-day multimedia installation featuring a fusion of fashion, cinema, and video art. It will present vivid short films that have become winners at the international fashion movie festivals. This genre has been rapidly going viral across the globe in the recent decade. In particular, World Fashion Shorts will include films by South African, North American, Central Asian, and Southeast Asian film makers. Together, they become a story about tremendous cultural diversity and expand our horizons as regard to fashion. This is why the format of the show is not a usual cinema performance but full immersion into striking and sometimes even exotic visual environment based on multimedia tools.

The videos will be displayed on several screens around the perimeter of the room at the same time so that the visitors can choose a watching strategy of their own. They can concentrate on a short that is in focus at a certain moment, or try and look for sudden visual rhymes or contrasts. The latter will be a kind of film editing undertaken by a single viewer.

World Fashion Shorts is a special event during BRICS + Fashion Summit that will take place on 28 November through 2 December, 2023, in Moscow.

World Fashion Shorts is a fresh perspective over fashion. No haute couture, luxury brands, or outstanding names. All those short videos from different parts of Earth show people who use fashion as yet another means of communicating with others, of expressing emotions, and establishing sensual connections.

World Fashion Shorts presents films edged into few minutes, which still manage to reveal all the beauty and diversity of the world.

World Fashion Shorts is a journey to the world of pure inspiration and imagination.
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