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Artplay Design Center,
Multimedia Hall

World Fashion Shorts  is a special film event of BRICS + Fashion Summit.
World Fashion Shorts  is a one-day multimedia installation combining fashion, cinema and video art. It contains a collection of bright short films that have received awards at international fashion film festivals. This genre has been actively developing around the world in the last decade.

The World Fashion Shorts selection includes films from South Africa and North America, Europe, Central and Southeast Asia. Together they create a picture of a huge diversity of cultures and expand the concept of fashion. This is what determined the choice of the screening format —not a traditional film show, but "total immersion" in spectacular, sometimes exotic visual using multimedia.

3 PM – 6 PM
3 PM – 6 PM
Entrance to the site is free for everyone
6:15 PM – 7:15 PM
6:15 PM – 7:15 PM
Public talk on the topic “Fashion as a way of cognition and a tool for revealing individuality and diversity”
Entry by pre-registration аt Timepad. Participants:
Dfaniks (David Fernando Martinez Lugo), Founder of Cinettica Fashion Film Festival (USA)
Bench Bello (Balthazar Magallon), multimedia artist and founder of Manila International Film Festival (Philippines)
Natalya Kanevskaya (Russia) – costume designer (films “Cheburashka”, “Soderzhanki”, “Monastery”, “Trigger”)
Kseniya Мosaleva (Belarus) – Director of Belarus International Fashion Film Festival и Fashion Film Festival Russia.
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