World Fashion Shorts Festival announces open call for authors of short fashion films
Applications for the third edition of World Fashion Shorts are now open. The fashion short film festival will take place in autumn as part of Moscow Fashion Week. Designers, brand representatives, directors, curators, and film festival representatives from around the globe can submit their applications on the official website until August 15th. All submissions will be reviewed by the expert council.


What is World Fashion Shorts?

It is a festival that combines fashion, film and video art. The program selects vibrant short films from around the world that create a picture of a huge diversity of cultures and expand the concept of fashion. The festival has already been held twice as a one-day multimedia installation at the Artplay Design Center as a special event of the BRICS+ Fashion Summit in Moscow in December 2023 and during the spring edition of Moscow Fashion Week.

The goal of World Fashion Shorts is to foster the genre of fashion films in Russia, as well as provide networking opportunities for directors, designers, and brands. The new edition of the festival is set to feature more content from Russia and the CIS countries.

At the same time, World Fashion Shorts is expanding its cooperation with other fashion film festivals, including through mutual content exchange. This means that films chosen by the international expert council of World Fashion Shorts stand a good chance of being shown at partner festivals. Today these include the Cinettica International Fashion & Art Film Festival (New York – Berlin – Barcelona) and Buenos Aires / Miami International Fashion Film Festival (Buenos Aires – Miami). Their curators are members of the expert council of World Fashion Shorts.

What are the film criteria for World Fashion Shorts?

– duration from 1.5 to 5 minutes, MPEG-4, H264 format, stereo sound;
– connection with the themes of fashion and cultural diversity, understanding fashion in the context of city, culture, nature, the human body, and relationships;
– ability to convey a concise narrative through emotive imagery;
– avoidance of standard formats like runway shootings and direct brand advertising;
– the films’ content should not violate the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

You can find the complete terms and conditions, along with the application form, on the official website

How to apply for World Fashion Shorts?

For directors, curators, designers, and brands: If you have a finished film that meets the criteria outlined above, please submit an application on the website
For directors, curators, designers, and brands interested in creating a film but lacking ready-made content, you can contact us via email at and tell us about yourself in the welcome letter. The World Fashion Shorts team will endeavor to find a creative team to produce a fashion film. If the film is ready in time for the open call, applicants can then apply for participation on the website The financial expenses for producing the film will be borne by the applicants.
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